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Image Marketing

Strategic Design

Capturing attention & enchanting your audience is what Plaid Frog does best! Our marketing pieces tell the story of your brand & why it's the perfect match for your audience's unique needs. We weave on-point messaging with digital & print design that's focused on building your brand's strength & reputation.


Capture strong leads & opportunities to engage!



marketing materials designed to reinforce product recognition & tell the story of a brand

establishing the unique identity of your product and bringing your vision to life

cards, brochures, postcards, flyers, banners, & more crafted to capture attention

stopping traffic to entertain your audience at trade shows, run/walk races, special events, & more

turning heads by wowing your audience with a surprise that challenges their expectations

boxes, labels, & jars for for both national & international food service brands.

easy to navigate websites that cleanly present material to your viewers with a call to action

from initial goals to final deliverables, Plaid Frog provides project oversight, on time, & within budget

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